Ali Khan Swati is a name synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision. As a digital marketing expert, e-commerce trainer, CEO of Layesha Cosmetics, founder of Red Tale Studio creative agency, and podcast host, Ali has carved a unique niche for himself in the Pakistani business landscape. Ali Swati Born and raised in Pakistan, Ali’s journey began with a passion for storytelling and communication. 

He honed his skills in the dynamic world of digital marketing, working in the UK and USA, where he gained valuable experience in blogging, social media, affiliate marketing, and digital advertising. Returning to Pakistan, Ali set his sights on transforming the digital media advertising landscape. He is passionate about helping businesses leverage the power of the internet to reach their target audience and achieve their goals.

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Ali Swati Achievements:

Here are details about Ali Swati Khan’s achievements:

Layesha Cosmetics: 

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In 2022, Ali’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Layesha Cosmetics, a brand dedicated to providing high-quality, natural cosmetics for the modern woman. Layesha Cosmetics has quickly become a popular choice among Pakistani consumers, thanks to its commitment to quality ingredients, innovative formulas, and affordable prices.

Red Tale Studio: 

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Beyond cosmetics, Ali’s creative side shines through Red Tale Studio, a creative agency specializing in branding, graphic design, web development, and content creation. Red Tale Studio helps businesses create a strong brand identity and compellingly tell their stories.

Beyond Business: 

Ali’s influence extends beyond the realm of business. He is a popular social media personality and host of the podcast “Karachi Diaries,” where he shares insights and inspiration with aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and workshops, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

Ali Khan Swati’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and a never-give-up attitude. He is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs and creatives across Pakistan and beyond. As he continues to explore his creative talents and entrepreneurial ventures, there is no doubt that Ali Khan Swati will continue to leave his mark on the world.

Ali Khan Swati Experiences:

Consultant/Project Manager (Diginet Global):

  • Arranging and carrying out business projects that are allocated.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the information, identifying issues, and understanding the reasons behind them.
  • Creating succinct reports by carefully considering the needs, resources, and preferences of the business while developing recommendations and solutions.
  • Presenting the results and recommendations to the board together with thorough explanations and helpful guidance.
  • Creating thorough business planning to promote incremental or significant changes.
  • Helping the Board carry out the plan and resolving any sporadic disagreements.
  • Advise on any challenges or problems that may arise. 

Chief Executive Officer (Red Tale):

  • Designed a powerful marketing plan, put it into action, and used data to produce leads, close deals, and track campaign performance.
  • Real estate builders Red Sun Associates (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Develop and execute a social media strategy, generate leads, and create television commercials, billboard campaigns, and newspaper ads.
  • As a creative agency, the National Incubation Center.
  • Oversaw video campaigns, testimonials, the execution and documentation of events, and startup mentoring for marketing and advertising.

Digital Marketing Consultant (Over Technologies Pakistan):

  • Functioning as a digital marketing and branding consultant.
  • Managing their projects’ branding.
  • Digital marketing plan.
  • Implementation of digital marketing.
  • Creation of content.
  • Creation and conversion of leads.
  • Marketing and branding for e-commerce stores.
  • Sales funnel and its implementation.

Ali Swati Education:

Here are detailed information about the education of Ali Swati Khan:

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SZABIST University:

He did his master’s from SZABIST University in project management.

Activities and Societies:

  • Helped USAID’s “The Agribusiness Project” by utilizing the Primavera application to create a project management plan for their grants for solar dryers. 
  • MS Project Professional 2010 project involving the PAK ARAB Refinery. 
  • A project with Huawei that examines the practical steps done to raise quality metrics at Huawei.

Bahria University:

He did his bachelor’s from Bahria University in software engineering.

Activities and Societies:

  • “Automated Course Registration” A project involving Bahria University Islamabad automates course and student registration through an application.
  • Took part in the 2013 “Bahria University Islamabad Open House”.

Jinnah Colleges:

He did an associate’s degree at Jinnah College in pre-engineering. 

Activities and Societies:

  • Won multiple awards in the debate competition held by All Pakistan. 
  • Jinnah College Mansehra’s Best Debater (Urdu) for 2007–08. 
  • Took part in the 2008 “First Convention on Student Quality Circles.” 
  • Took part in the speech and drawing competition held by the “Humanity Development Organization.”

OVERSEAS Pakistan Foundation:

He did his high school education at OVERSEAS Pakistan Foundation in Science A. 

Activities and Societies:

Bazm-e-Shaheen KPK, the organizer of the KPK Speech Competition, was awarded second place.

Final remarks:

Ali Khan Swati is a name that connotes creativity and an enterprising attitude. Ali has made a name for himself in the Pakistani industry as a podcast host, e-commerce trainer, CEO of Layesha Cosmetics, creator of Red Tale Studio creative agency, and specialist in digital marketing. Ali Swati Ali was born and reared in Pakistan and started with a love of communication and storytelling. 

Working in the UK and the USA, he developed his expertise in the fast-paced field of digital marketing, gaining useful knowledge in social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, and digital advertising. After coming back to Pakistan, Ali resolved to change the advertising environment in digital media. He has a strong commitment to assisting companies in utilizing the Internet to achieve their goals.