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Our parents wrote essays on a sheet of paper, having a pen in their hands. Our grandparents used old-fashioned dip pens to write essays. Today, we use computers, personal laptops, and lots of essay-writing tools to write and organise our essays. The academic world has turned upside down with the evolution of computers and laptops. This change is obvious through the extensive use of different tools in writing essays. Whether it is an undergraduate, postgraduate, or a PhD essay, the use of tools has made the life of students easier.

However, do you know the names of such tools that can assist you in your PhD essay writing task? You might have heard about them but not used them practically. So, now is the time to exercise those tools and create flawless PhD essays. To do that, knowledge of tools is necessary. Therefore, in today’s post, I am going to talk about the top free tools that you can use to write stunning and full-of argument essays. So, let’s get started straight away.

Top Free Essay Writing Tools For PhD Essays

Every one of you can take help from external means when climbing the mountain of a PhD essay becomes difficult for you. The reason is that writing a PhD essay is not an easy task. You have to come up with unassailable arguments and bulletproof shreds of evidence. So, there is nothing wrong with using free essay writing tools. Hence, a brief description of the primary tools that can be helpful in writing a unique essay is as follows:

Research Guide – Essay Topic Generator Tool

Choosing an essay topic is the most difficult decision that a student makes in his academic life. If the essay is of PhD level, it becomes more important. So, to ease this process for you, there are many essay topic-generation tools on the internet. However, the Research Guide topic generator is the best among all those tools. All you need to do is type in your keywords and select the niche of your essay, and a list of stunning essay topics will be in front of you.

Ivy Panda – These Statement Generator

A thesis statement is the most important element of an essay. It is the statement that states the main idea of your essays and helps you in controlling the ideas. A thesis statement often presents an opinion or judgement that the essay writer has about the topic. Therefore, creating a perfect thesis statement is very important. To create stunning statements, you can use a tool names Ivy Panda. You need to select your essay type and anticipated conclusion and give the tool your take on the topic. After this, the tool is going to generate thesis statements for you.

Google Scholar – Top Research Tool

After selecting the topic and generating a strong thesis statement, conducting effective research is the next step. To perform this step, you must use a tool named Google Scholar. Developed by Google, this tool is home to millions of research publications that can be helpful to you in your PhD essay writing. All you need to do is type in the right set of keywords or your topic in the search box. The results will astonish you, undoubtedly.

Web Of Science – Another Great Research Tool

Taking data from only one source is not a good thing. As you are writing a PhD essay, even the mountains of data are not enough. So, you can use another tool names Web of Science to look for and gather concrete pieces of evidence on your essay topic. However, the main drawback of this tool is that it is not free to use. This tool is a subscription-based tool that provides a gateway to relevant data for your essay writing.

Voice Dictation – Essay Writing Tool

After conducting thorough research, the essay writing phase comes. Although the computer has made the life of students easier by letting them type rather than write by hand, voice dictation has taken essay writing to the next level. With advancements in voice recognition technologies, now you can write your PhD essay only by speaking the text you want to write. In this scenario, the Voice Dictation tool can be your best partner. In addition to this, if you do not even want to speak, you can buy essay online.

Citethisforme – Essay Citation And Reference Generator

Citations and references are necessary elements of a PhD essay. As you are writing a PhD essay, there is no relaxation for plagiarism and unethical things. So, to help you with this, a tool named citethisforme is available online. Using this tool, you can create any citation and reference in any style, e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard. Along with a citation generator, this tool also works as a citation manager. It means you can manage all your references in this tool and use them when you are creating the references section of your essay writing.

Grammarly – Essay Proof-Reader And Plagiarism Checker

The first draft of an essay is not always the final draft. There are still many mistakes in it that need to be attended to and rectified. Therefore, this free-to-use tool named Grammarly can help you greatly in identifying and correcting all those mistakes. Whether it is a grammatical, spelling, style, or engagement mistake, this tool has got you covered. However, if you have access to its premium version, you can use this tool to check the plagiarism of your PhD essay. Being world renowned tool, it gives you a realistic percentage of plagiarism in your essay.

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Conclusively, the evolution of technology, especially education technology, has made the lives of students easy. Instead of using dipping pens or typing on the computer, students can now use a tool called Voice Dictation to write an essay by speaking its content. Advanced research tools like Google Scholar have made research easy. Many tools on the internet have made or are in the process of making essay writing an easy task. So, read the tools above and enjoy using them in your essay.

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