Kawaii Fashion Tips – How to Rock a Dinosaur Print Sweatshirt

Dinosaur print sweaters aren’t just for kids anymore! The kawaii trend isn’t going anywhere, and it’s taking the world by storm with its eclectic take on fashion trends. If you want to start following the trend as well, you need to make sure that you follow these fashion tips to ensure that you’re rocking your dinosaur print sweatshirt in the most kawaii way possible!

What is kawaii fashion?

If you’re looking for some new kawaii fashion ideas, we’ve got them! This week, we’re talking about how to rock a dinosaur print sweatshirt. Kawaii fashion is all about being cute and having fun! There are many different things that can be considered kawaii fashion such as wearing my heart teddy and dressing up in a kawaii hoodie or even shopping at your favorite kawaii shop! One of the most popular trends in this genre is the pastel and rainbow hair trend with lots of accessories like bows and ribbons. Shop our selection of cute clothes today!

Where can you wear cute clothes?

My Heart Teddy is a kawaii shop that sells all types of cute clothes, accessories and more. The store has an impressive selection of clothing that ranges from casual wear to party wear. There are plenty of choices for men, women, and children so no matter who you are shopping for you will find something to suit your needs. Some items on the site include kawaii hoodies, kimonos, shirts with popular cartoon characters on them such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Winnie the Pooh from Winnie the Pooh and friends. My Heart Teddy has been around for over five years and have built up a loyal customer base because they always have something new in store (literally) and their prices are very reasonable.

The importance of accessories

Accessories are the cherry on top of any outfit. They’re what make it stand out from all the rest. In the world of Kawaii fashion, this is especially true. When I first started getting into kawaii fashion, I was so intimidated by all the different clothes and accessories that were available to me. It seemed like there was such a wide variety of things that it was impossible for me not to buy everything I saw, and I ended up spending way too much money in one go. Nowadays, I stick with three main pieces: my kawaii hoodie, my kawaii shop bag (usually Japanese), and my t-shirt braids.

What does kawaii mean?

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning cute or adorable. Kawaii culture is characterized by cuteness, innocence and childlike wonder. It also often incorporates pastel colors and patterns. A kawaii look can be simple or complex, as it often utilizes both traditional Japanese elements and modern trends. If you’re just getting started, try incorporating one or two of the following five tips into your daily wardrobe:

  • Layer with other pieces of clothing to add some color and interest
  • Mix high-waisted skirts with crop tops for an outfit that looks great from any angle
  • Wear animal print pants with t-shirts for an outfit that’s comfortable enough for every day wear
  • Try adding 3D ears for extra flair (i.e., bear ears)
  • Finish off your look with bows in your hair!
What makes something kawaii?

The term kawaii has been used in Japan since at least the 1980s. It’s difficult to translate, but it means something like cute or adorable. It has connotations of childlike innocence and playfulness, and is often applied to things that are small, soft, and gentle. Kawaii fashion is all about embracing your inner child and allowing yourself to indulge in all things cute. As adults we sometimes feel like our options are limited when it comes to expressing ourselves through clothing choices, but kawaii fashion offers a wide variety of ways for you to express your personality without feeling silly or childish.

Types of kawaii items

You may not be able to find this sweater in the store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. To get your hands on the same style, head over to Amazon and search for Trex sweaters. The best part? You’ll get free shipping with your Prime membership!

You may be thinking that this is an overly cutesy way of dressing. There are plenty of ways you can make any outfit chiller without going overboard on the cuteness factor. Consider pairing this sweater with dark jeans or shorts and bright green shoes for a look that’s totally hipster-inspired.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, go ahead and wear it as is! This sweater is all about being true to yourself.

Pretty things that aren’t cute

Ugly sweaters may be the best way to stay warm this holiday season without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for coziness, nostalgia, or as an ironic statement, ugly sweaters are easy and cheap.

  • Buy an old ugly sweater from your grandma’s closet. She won’t care if you wear it. In fact, she will probably love that you want her sweater more than she does!
  • Throw on some leggings and get ready for Christmas dinner with your family!
  • Put the sweater on your dog. If they can’t have their own ugly sweater, then at least they can enjoy a little bit of flair during the holidays.
  • Wear it as a dress!

Best ways to shop for kawaii items

Don’t be afraid to shop at thrift stores, as they’re one of the best ways to find kawaii items. Plus, you can always make an outfit more kawaii-looking by layering it with other pieces like leggings or belts. If you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it in your size, then don’t give up! Try searching on sites like Etsy for handmade or vintage items. You might be surprised by what you’ll find.

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