Unplug from Work: Time to Truly Enjoy the Holidays This Year

It has been over two years of not-so-holidays holidays and endless working hours. After the coronavirus outbreak and the mega work transition, many of us have done nothing but sit on our office desks and work for more than usual hours. We have combated burnout, isolation, and a lot more pandemic-induced challenges that have put our mental and physical health at stake. However, now is the time for you and your team to sit back, unplug from office work, and get a well-deserved relaxation. 

Many of us endured a certain negative feeling after working through isolation during the pandemic. The feeling of “not being good enough” and the urge to always stay “available for work”. The work from home culture uncovered some uncertain needs in our work lives that were unidentifiable in the pre-pandemic workplace schedule.

Many people in your team must be going through the guilt of taking the time off from work. This is because working from home has always been considered as some luxury for employees. The comfort of working in your home and the luxury to avoid the commute time is considered a temporary holiday setup. When in reality, working from home has been anything but comforting. People have been working overtime, facing burnout, and dealing with the lack of work essentials, such as high-speed internet service, phone service, and more.

All of these factors have created a need for a well-deserving break and this holiday calls for it. Following are some of the quick tips to help plan your team in truly enjoying the time off from work. 

Change the Company Culture

Unfortunately, being a workaholic has always been a glorified behavior in the company culture. It is going to take several months or maybe years to change the way a company approaches terms like “guilty”, “work balance” and “self-care.” 

Several work policies, words, movements, and plans mold a company culture for the future. However, if you decide to embark on the journey of changing the work culture for good, you will be termed a hero. Try investing in more work and life balance policies. People working from home are not entirely enjoying their time at home. Some people with common home necessities such as a reliable Spectrum Cable Service or high-speed internet service cannot enjoy their time off from the home office. All they do is work for long hours and eventually head to bed. 

Instead of encouraging burnout, it is better to demonstrate behaviors that you are seeking to establish. Show your team members the way to balance work and home duties and to take out time for themselves, even if it includes watching their favorite TV shows during their work break. 

Lead by Example

As we said, demonstrating the right behaviors to encourage work and life balance can change the company’s work culture. Now that the holidays are approaching, you and your team members need time off. Do not encourage them to be always online, replying to emails and showing their availability at all working platforms. Instead, try leading them by example by taking your own time off from work. When you start showing them that how not working during holidays is completely fine, you are encouraging them to do the same. 

Wrapping Up: Be Realistic

It is important to give yourself and the team a well-deserving rest but unfortunately, this time of the year always comes with extra demand on your business. However, you can choose to take over as many loads as you and your team members can deal with while keeping the relaxation period in mind. The essential ingredient to achieving this business and off-time balance is by being realistic. Focus on your priorities, goals and on the self-care part.

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